Pay Equity Starts with Transparency

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Pay Equity Software

Pay Equity Starts with Transparency

Get an overview of your salary data, highlight inequalities, and rectify pay discrimination  without risking your profitability.

Easy Gender Pay Analysis

Using the Pay Equity Software makes running a reliable Gender Pay Gap analysis easy and simple.

Our reward experts can help you organize your people data and import it into the system. And if needed, we can also run your analysis for you.

Rectify Inequalities

The software’s dashboard provides an overview making it easy to spot inequalities if they exist.

We can help you create a roadmap for achieving true workplace equity without jeopardizing your short-term profitability if any Pay Equity Gaps are identified.

Tried and Tested Software

The Sysarb Pay Equity software is trusted by more than 450 companies worldwide - big and small.

More than 5000 pay equity analyses have been run thus far through the software and the software is fully compliant with the requirements of the Pay Transparency Directive.